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It takes work to keep up with current law!

Did you know that the law on fraud has changed 4 times since 1985? We read summaries of the Alabama Supreme Court decisions every week to stay abreast of Alabama's current laws.

We listen to you. Then we find a way for the law to help you.

We listen to you.

Your situation will be different than any other. But we can help you protect your rights under Alabama law.

A winning combination.

Years of experience and a knowledge of the law is valuable. But we will work with you to bring you the best results possible.

Why Probate?

Do we have to probate Dad's will?

Can I use a Will form?

Of course you can. But do you really want that? Drafting an error free will is difficult.

What are my rights in a contract?

The four corners of a contract outline the rights of the parties. However, if there is mistake, ambiguity, or fraud, the law allows us to look at the conduct of the parties.

Can we force the opponent to pay attorney fees?

Generally, each side pays their own attorney fees. However, there are exceptions. The law in this area is briefly explained.